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Contact Tracing Proficiency Course

This course is presented entirely online for the purpose of delivering free instruction and guidance to contact tracing applicants and staff. 

Each module should be reviewed and accompanying quiz passed in order to complete the course. Use the drop down menu below the course title at the top of this page to navigate through each module. Total learning time averages 4-6 hours.

Module 1A – COVID-19 Basics

Module 1B – COVID-19 Terminology

Module 2A – Contact Tracing Overview

Module 3A – Contact Tracing Role Requirements

Module 3B – The Interview and Form Process

Module 4A – Current Testing Options for COVID-19

Module 5A – Epidemiology and Disease Terminology for COVID-19

Module 6A - Contact Tracing Communication Basics (Question Types)

Module 6B - Contact Tracing Communication Basics (Call Types)

Module 6C - Understanding Cultural Sensitivity

Module 7A - Confidentiality and Patient Privacy

Module 8A - Contact Tracing and Case Monitoring

IMPORTANT: If you wish to certify or receive CE/CME credit for any of the courses available as part of this resource, please visit your regional 4MedPlus or 4ProPlus catalog partner site. If you have prepurchased this course or certificate, please contact us at: to receive your accompanying certificate request form. If interested in providing accredited certificate versions of these courses for your school or program, please visit our partner program page at:

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